RUFF Level I Flyball Classes

Level I - Is a 4-week long session of 45-minute classes.  This level uses a variety of activities to teach basic Flyball skills to handler and dog, such as:

  • Strong recall
  • Tug drive / Reward drive
  • Introduction to jumps
  • Focus on handler with distractions
  • Build drive away from handler/towards handler
  • Boost your dog's competitive spirit

The overall goal is to strengthen the bond between handler and dog.  The 4-week Level I is a prerequisite for the Levell II class.  This session of classes is $80.

This class is open to dogs of all ages and skill levels.  Puppies must have completed their shots (usually at 16 weeks) and all dogs must have proof of vaccination.  Aggressive behavior exhibited by you or your dog will not be allowed in class.

All classes are held on Sunday mornings, and offered throughout the year.

You will need ot bring a leash (non-retractable preferred) and a collar or harness (harness preferred).  Electronic collar, choke chain, pinch collar, and gentle leader are not allowed.

Upon receipt of your Pre-Registration Form, you will be placed on our class wait-list and notified of the next available session dates once they are scheduled.