RUFF Flyball Performances and Demos

Flyball is a fast-paced, exhilarating dog sport, not to mention being a captivating spectator sport!

After all, it's a RACE!!

 RF Eagles2017  RF Mammoth2017 RF Nuggets2008 

Our standard demo is approximately 15 minutes long and includes 5 to 10 heats and training information.  In addition to the team races, we may also perform a few head-to-head crowd pleasing races, i.e. short dog versus large dog, dog versus human, etc....  We need around 30 feet by 110 feet aren to perform safely.

RUFF supports animal rescue and other non-profit organizations by performing at their events.  RUFF is a regular at the Denver Dumb Friends League's Furry Scurry and Waggin' Trails.  Check our calendar for dates.

If you would like to request RUFF to perform at your event, contact our Events Coordinator with the date(s) and event  information.